Stourfield Junior School's Outdoor Classroom

Welcome to Stourfield Junior School's Outdoor Classroom Project

The outdoor environment can offer rich learning experiences not found indoors and an outdoor classroom is ideal for an evolving curriculum, providing sensory experiences leading to greater levels of creativity and understanding.

When completed, the outdoor Classroom will be full of wonderful things for children to experiment, discover, and explore


We propose the creation of an outside classroom of sufficient size and design to use as a cross curricular education resource for our school, the local community and any other schools that may wish to use it. The ‘classroom’ will be located on our playing fields adjoining the community centre. We wish to use the natural environment as a teaching resource, not just to help deliver the national curriculum, but to also educate children (and adults) about their environment and how they can help safeguard it for future generations.

Outdoor Curriculum
Children at Stourfield Junior School learn in different ways. Some learn best through seeing or hearing but many learn best through doing. The outdoor classroom will give everyone the opportunity to learn through listening and taking part hands-on.

Project Aims
The aims of our Outdoor Classroom include learning about: nature; society; nature-society interactions and oneself. It involves working with others, developing new skills, and getting your hands a bit dirty.